about me

I make shit happen. 

I have 15 years of experience in creative, logistical, and operational production / project management, working on full 360 campaigns with a heavy focus on launch events, experiential OOH, broadcast, print, digital, and partnership installations. I am in depth and hands on with all aspects of creative development and production from brief to delivery, managing teams in offices across the globe, embedding with partners and vendors, and working remotely from the road in between.

I’ve worked on a number of high profile projects for Apple, Infiniti, Toyota, Yahoo, Uber, Pandora, 7-11, and many more great clients. I've pitched projects on 72 hours notice, built one-off VR experiences from the ground up in the snow, launched entire award winning Super Bowl campaigns, produced years worth of live concerts and media partnership events, and launched flagship products on a global scale.

In my free time I love to read, nap with my cat, travel, make hip hop music, create art, meditate, take care of family, save animals, chew gum, eat cookies, volunteer, teach, run, camp, explore, and live.

Most importantly, I am grateful for every experience I’ve lived, every person I’ve met, and every day I have.

I love my life.